The system for transport of Canadian Uranium to India finalized b/w Indian and Canada

India and Canada developed a mechanism for transport image of the Canadian Uranium to India. Thus, India succeeded in clearing the mistrust generated on the Canadian side after the nuclear explosion from India in 1974.

Both the sides were successful inking the agreement on the mechanism of shipment of the Canadian Uranium to India for the first time after 1974. The nuclear cooperation agreement was inked b/w the two nations two years ago but their remained hurdles of mistrust on the Canadian side of how would India use the uranium provided by Canada in its nuclear power plants. After crossing over the hurdles it’s now believed that the shipment of Uranium to India would benefit India as it would bring millions of dollars in the new business and would create quality jobs in India.

What happened in 1974?

The Story of 1974:


Sudeep Sen, first Indian to address Nobel Laureate Week

Poet Sudeep Sen from Delhi has been invited as a special guest to imageaddress the Nobel Laureate Week being held in Saint Lucia, a sovereign island country in the eastern Caribbean Sea.

  • Mr. Sen is the first Indian to be given the honor.
  • Saint Lucia is home to Nobel Laureate and noted playwright Derek Walcott.

Why Nobel Laureate Week is celebrated? What is special about Saint Lucia? Who is Sudeep Sen?